July 2020

Rimini is back!


We are ready for business -  Saturday 4th July Preparations have been underway for many days so that we can open our doors and greet our customers back this Saturday. We've been closed since the lock-down was officially announced on 20th March and we've had to work very hard to get Rimini ready. All the [...]

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April 2020

Bringing hospitality home – get 5% off your favourite wines and support Rimini


Rimini wines are now being made available directly to you from one of our suppliers - Berkmann Wine Cellars. Berkmann has introduced a support programme for the hospitality industry to alleviate the serious impact that the current crisis is having on waiters, chefs, bar staff, sommeliers and all catering support staff. By using [...]

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March 2019

A date with the Super Tuscans


Super Tuscan is not actually an official classification of wine, it’s a term that came about in the late 1970s when winemakers were frustrated with the slow, unyielding wine laws in Italy. Everyone knows you can only use Italian grapes like Sangiovese in Tuscan red wine right? Wrong! In Tuscany they started to introduce non-indigenous [...]

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Mothers day at Rimini – Sunday 31st March


Do something special on Mothers Day Sunday 31st March, let us do the cooking and entertaining while you relax and enjoy the family. Book your table now at bookings@riminirestaurant.com  or call us on 0208 882 8880. (Adults minimum spend £25/pp)

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February 2019

Wine shopping for Rimini


So, what do we like to do when we’re not in the restaurant? Trying new wines has to be top of the list, we’re passionate about bringing the best and most exciting wines into our cellar. Berkmann Portfolio Tasting That’s why we don’t need asking twice when our suppliers invite us to events, [...]

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What happened in Piemonte


Thank you to everyone who came to our Piemonte evening – what a night! We tasted the best that Piemonte has to offer in wine, thanks to our partners Passione Vino and thanks to Fabio and Simone for some show-stopping food. If you missed out, don’t worry because the [...]

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